3 Dream Patriots Trade Targets This Offseason

Three trade targets who could transform the New England Patriots during the 2024 offseason.
Jan 7, 2024; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson (18) looks up
Jan 7, 2024; Detroit, Michigan, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson (18) looks up / Lon Horwedel-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Justin Jefferson, WR, Minnesota Vikings

You can thank Colin Cowherd for this one. Now, Cowherd is admittedly paid a large sum of money to make headlines, but when a young generational talent is linked to your team in a trade proposal, you listen.

"I've got an idea. New England's got the No. 3 pick. What does New England desperately need? A playmaker. Justin Jefferson — switch picks, I'll give you next year's (first-rounder) and Justin Jefferson to go from 11 to 3."

Colin Cowherd

With quarterback Kirk Cousins' contract expiring and the 35-year-old coming off of a torn Achilles, Minnesota could very well be in the market for their quarterback of the future. From that perspective, the Vikings' interest in acquiring New England's third overall pick checks out.

Jefferson is a generational talent, and even only at only age 24 he's put himself on track for a bust in Canton. In his four seasons in the league, the LSU product has 392 receptions for 5,899 yards and 30 touchdowns.

At quick glance, Jefferson's numbers dropped in 2023, but he missed nine games and the Vikings worked through musical chairs at quarterback following Cousins' season-ending injury in Week 7. Despite all of those obstacles, the former first-rounder still averaged 107.4 yards per game, the best mark of his career.

If New England did somehow pull the trigger on this hypothetical blockbuster, then the obvious follow-up question would be: so what do the Patriots do at quarterback? Jefferson has enough talent to elevate any QB, just look at what he was able to do with Nick Mullens.

It is likely a long shot, but Jefferson is simply too incredible of a talent to not entertain.

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