3 Former Celtics Still Unemployed After Free Agency Week 1

Many players found new homes in the first week of NBA free agency, however, these three former Boston Celtics are still standing in the unemployment line.
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2. Evan Fournier, SG/SF

The NBA — like any other sports league — sees plenty of roster turnover from a year-to-year basis. That's why Celtics fans are excused if they don't remember too much of Evan Fournier's time in Beantown during the 2020-21 season.

The Celtics sent two second-round picks and Jeff Teague to the Orlando Magic to acquire Fournier to help with a playoff push that season. By that point, the sharpshooting Frenchman had already established himself as one of the better wing players in the league, having put up 14.1 points, 2.7 rebounds, 2.8 assists, and 1.8 threes amde on 37.5% shooting in eight seasons split between the Magic and Denver Nuggets.

Fournier was solid during his short stint with the Celtics. He played 21 games in a Boston jersey between the playoffs and regular season, averaging 14.0 PTS/3.6 REB/2.9 AST/1.2 STL while shooting 45.3% from the field and 46.8% from the three-point line.

But even though Fournier wanted to remain in Boston going forward, it wasn't meant to be. The Celtics sent the international star to the New York Knicks in a sign-and-trade deal after the two sides couldn't agree on a new contract. While some C's fans were saddened by the situation, the fact that Fournier's play started to decline shortly after joining the Knicks shows that the Celtics moved on at the right time.

After an underwhelming 2023-24 campaign split between the Knicks and Pistons, it remains to be seen where Fournier will received his next NBA opportunity. Well, that is if any team believes he has anything left in the tank.