3 Former Patriots Struggling With Their New Teams in 2023

The article dissects the unexpected underperformance of three ex-Patriots in their new teams during the 2023 season.
Damien Harris is among the former Patriots struggling on their new teams in 2023.
Damien Harris is among the former Patriots struggling on their new teams in 2023. / Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Nelson Agholor, Baltimore Ravens

After Meyers, the biggest contract a former Patriot signed with a new team this offseason was Nelson Agholor's.

The Patriots were looking to make wide receiver upgrades this offseason, and they decided to let Agholor walk. That hasn't been nearly as painful as letting Meyers walk.

Long considered a total disappointment in Philly, Agholor turned in a couple respectable seasons in New England. The offense didn't have a ton of volume to feed him, but he was an explosive option.

In Baltimore, he's largely padded his stats in meaningless situations. His 170 yards in five games isn’t terrible, but check out these split:

In two losses, Agholor has a combined 103 yards (51.5 per game).
In three wins, Agholor has a combined 67 yards (22.3 per game).

Losing Agholor hasn't brought anything near the pain that losing Meyers has. Bill doesn't always make savvy moves at wide receiver, but letting Agholor walk was one of them.

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