3 Patriots Who Need to Play More in Week 6

It's time to start playing the kids.
3 Patriots who need to play more in Week 6 against the Raiders.
3 Patriots who need to play more in Week 6 against the Raiders. / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Pharaoh Brown

Speaking of guys who should be more involved in the offense, what happened to Pharaoh Brown?

Brown helped the Patriots earn their only win of the season in Week 3, catching both of his targets for 71 yards and a touchdown against the New York Jets. He hasn't gotten a single target before or since.

That's not fair. Brown proved he could be a playmaker against New York, which has a pretty good defense. He deserves at least some attention in the offense to see if he can come close to replicating that performane.

I get that he's the TE3 and that New England already has a couple of solid tight ends in Hunter Henry and Mike Gesicki. But it couldn't hurt to scheme up a couple of plays for Brown at this point after seeing what he can do.

The Patriots aren't equipped to throw the ball downfield, anyway, so they may as well utilize Brown on some of their shorter passing plays. Brown showed some promise with the Houston Texans in the past, too, so it's not like he's an unproven rookie like the other two guys on this list.

Brown also has a great name, of course. If we're going to be bad, at least let us be interesting.

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