3 Patriots Still on Thin Ice After Week 7 Win

One win doesn't erase an entire season's worth of frustrations.
3 Patriots still on thin ice following New England's Week 7 win over the Buffalo Bills.
3 Patriots still on thin ice following New England's Week 7 win over the Buffalo Bills. / Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports
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The New England Patriots pulled off a major upset in Week 7, beating the Buffalo Bills 29-25 at home. Their second win of the season was entirely unexpected against a vastly superior team, giving Patriots fans hope that maybe their team isn't as bad as they feared.

Still, 2-5 is 2-5 and New England remains at the bottom of the AFC East. Numerous players have either underperformed or gotten hurt this year, leading the Patriots to this point.

One good week doesn't erase the six bad weeks that preceded it, and several New England players are still on shaky ground heading into Week 8. Here are three Patriots players who are still on thin ice after their Week 7 victory.

3 Patriots on Thin Ice

1. Mac Jones

Jones was incredible in Week 7. Not only did he lead New England back during the final minute with a game-winning touchdown pass to Mike Gesicki, but he also turned in one of the best overall games of his career against an extremely tough defense. Jones picked the Bills apart, completing 25 of 30 passes for 272 yards and 2 touchdowns.

So why is Jones on this list? Because it was only one good game, and Jones has been a lot more bad than good this season.

For starters, those were Jones' first touchdown passes since Week 3. In the three games prior to Week 7, he had 7 turnovers (including 5 interceptions) and no touchdowns. That is absolutely horrendous for a quarterback, especially a former first-round pick with a Pro Bowl appearance on his resume.

There's been a lot of talk this year about Jones losing his starting job, and one good game shouldn't change that. The Patriots should still be considering Malik Cunningham, Bailey Zappe and even Will Grier at the position until Jones proves once and for all that he deserves the job, which should take a few more games in my book.