3 Realistic Trade Targets the Celtics Must Consider When NBA Trade Season Opens

Alex Caruso is reportedly available from the Chicago Bulls
Alex Caruso is reportedly available from the Chicago Bulls / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Reggie Bullock, Houston Rockets

The Celtics were linked to Bullock in the offseason before he joined the Rockets on a one-year deal, and Boston would enjoy the services of one of the better three-and-D wings in the league.

He's played sparingly for a surprisingly stout Rockets squad, getting less than 10 minutes per game in the 10 he's played after playing 30+ minutes last year. As a result, I doubt it'd take much to acquire Bullock and add him to the cache of quality wings in Boston.

Bullock shoots over 38% on three-pointers for his career with a physical defensive playing style that'll blend in well with the Celtics' established stars.

Theoretically, he could form a menacing defensive trio with Jaylen Brown and Jrue Holiday while Jayson Tatum and Kristaps Porzingis lead the offense. At the very least, he's worth the Celtics' brass making a phone call about.

For a pair of second-round picks or a similar price? That could mean the difference between winning a championship and going home early again.

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