3 Reasons Mac Jones Must Be Benched for Week 7

The New England Patriots face a challenging season, and many are pointing fingers at quarterback Mac Jones. With a poor record and multiple issues on the field, the possibility of a new starter for the upcoming game grows.
Mac Jones has once again proven he can't be the Patriots' starting quarterback.
Mac Jones has once again proven he can't be the Patriots' starting quarterback. / Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
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2. The Offense Needs a Shake-Up

The Patriots have one of the worst offenses in the NFL, and that's not going to change as long as Jones is under center.

New England has scored just 72 points through 6 games, averaging a mere 12 points per game. No matter how good your defense is, you're not going to win games in the NFL when you're averaging fewer than 2 touchdowns per contest.

While the Patriots have other issues contributing to their anemic offense (like a porous offensive line and an ineffective running game), a lot of the team's struggles reflect on Jones. He has now gone 3 straight games without a touchdown pass and has found the end zone only twice in his last five games combined.

Jones doesn't have the best receivers to throw to, but that is simply unacceptable. It's not like he's putting the team in scoring position, either, averaging just 165.3 passing yards per game over his last 4 outings.

With a career-low completion rate and more interceptions (7) than touchdowns (5), Jones isn't getting the job done. New England needs someone new under center to try to give the offense a spark, because the team clearly isn't getting one from Jones.