3 Small-School Steals the Patriots Can Draft in Late Rounds

The Patriots could find some small-school gems in the later rounds
Jalen Coker
Jalen Coker / Photo/Alan Arsenault / USA TODAY NETWORK
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2. Jalen Coker, WR, Holy Cross

Jalen Coker is a hard player to evaluate. He went into the NFL Combine and didn't wow anyone with his testing. He ran a 4.57 in the 40-yard dash which plays into the narrative that he's not overly fast. However, he's 6-foot-2 and 208 pounds and put up a 42.5-inch vertical jump. That means he has the size to battle opposing defensive backs and out-leap them to the jump point.

That size and leaping ability allowed him to become a monster when it came to the fade pass — which isn't exactly an NFL staple anymore. He also wasn't playing against elite competition while at Holy Cross which aided him as he had 26 touchdown catches over the past two seasons.

While all that's true, Coker has plenty of the tools that can't be taught. If a team is patient with him and helps him improve his route tree, he could wind up being a productive player at the next level. For New England, that would be a win since they seem to always be in need of help at receiver. And historically, they've done better at developing late-round picks than they do with early selections.