4 Celtics on Thin Ice Heading Into the NBA Draft

These Celtics may find themselves squeezed out of the roster after the 2024 NBA Draft.
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Luke Kornet

Another bench piece who may have outplayed the contract the Celtics could offer him this summer is Luke Kornet. The 28-year-old big man was a valuable player for Boston both on and off the court. He became a fan favorite and was one of the most liked members in the locker room. He also provided solid minutes any time Kristaps Porzingis or Al Horford missed time. Over the last two seasons, he played in 132 games for the Celtics and contributed as a rim protector, offensive rebounder, and finisher inside the paint.

After winning the title, Kornet may have more lucrative offers than a potential Celtics offer. He was making $2.4 million last season and anything above that amount would put Boston in a difficult financial situation.

The Celtics can probably find a third center in the NBA Draft who could replicate the things Kornet does. However, they already know and trust Kornet and would like to keep him around if possible. However, if the 7'2 center wants to maximize his earnings as he approaches 30, he might be gone this summer.