4 Celtics on Thin Ice Heading Into the NBA Draft

These Celtics may find themselves squeezed out of the roster after the 2024 NBA Draft.
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Svi Mykhailuk

Another Celtic who didn't get a chance to showcase what he is capable of this season was Svi Mykhailuk. The 27-year-old shooting guard signed with Boston last offseason but only appeared in 41 games and averaged 10 minutes per game. He was still a shooting threat as he made 38.9% of his threes but he was seldom used on the deep and talented Celtics roster.

No perimeter player on the Boston Celtics missed any significant time. Payton Pritchard played every game, Sam Hauser only missed three, and the starters were healthy the entire season. That didn't allow for much of an opportunity for the Ukrainian sharpshooter. So, it's not fair to blame Mykhailuk for the lack of production.

Now that he is hitting unrestricted free agency this offseason, the Celtics might choose to move on from him. It would make sense for them to fill his roster spot with a younger player with a higher upside. Offense-first shooting guards like Mykhailuk are not too hard to find, so he is not a must-keep player. The Celtics can take a flyer on a young shooter in the draft and it would likely be a better use of the salary slot.

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