4 Most Overrated Patriots From the 2023-24 NFL Season

There were plenty of underwhelming individual performances for the New England Patriots. Here are the biggest ones.
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
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There is certainly no shortage of underwhelming performances one can point to with the 2023 New England Patriots. There is plenty of blame to go around for the 4-13 Patriots that cost Bill Belichick his job.

Even though there were some promising high-level individual performances, especially on the defensive end for New England.

However, there were significantly more disappointing and overrated performances up and down the roster. Here are the biggest ones from this season.

1. Josh Uche

Uche's inclusion on this list depends on one's definition of overrated. The 25-year-old pass rusher's season could be better characterized as disappointing rather than overrated. His 2023 season raises some questions about whether his breakout 2022 season was more of a flukey outlier.

After finishing 2022 with 27 tackles, 14 quarterback hits, and 11.5 sacks, Uche regressed to his previous career norms, ending the 2023 season with 15 tackles and three sacks in as many games as the prior year. He, therefore, saw a reduction in his snap count despite the team needing him more due to Matthew Judon's season-ending injury.

Because of Judon's absence, Uche once hailed as the best pass rusher on the team by Judon himself, received a lot more attention from the offensive line. He failed to counter this level of attention, which hurt his pressure numbers.

Uche is still widely seen as a must-retain by Patriots fans entering free agency. However, chasing past dominant years can be a fool's gold in the NFL.