4 Red Sox Already on the Trade Block Ahead of Deadline

We're only a quarter of the way through the MLB season, but it's never too early to start thinking about potential trades. If Boston's season goes south, as many have projected, who'll be the first players on the block?
May 5, 2024; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Kenley Jansen (74)
May 5, 2024; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Boston Red Sox relief pitcher Kenley Jansen (74) / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
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3/4. RHP Chris Martin/RHP Kenley Jansen

Yes, Martin hasn’t been as good this year as in years past, but it’s hard to argue with a 17/2 K/BB, and he’s been the victim of some bad luck. His 3.86 ERA is still excellent, and he’s put together five straight hitless appearances since a blown save on April 28.

The stuff is still there - his fastball remains in the upper 90s, and his cutter frequently ties up lefties. If the 37-year-old can string together more high-end performances, the market should be willing to part with a couple of intriguing prospects to acquire him.

Like Martin, Jansen isn’t having his best season, but he still retains some value by his 2.45 ERA and 427 career saves. Kenley’s velocity is back up to normal after some early-season injury concerns, and, at age 36, he’s still shown the durability to pitch several games in a row.

His $16 million contract is a bit of a turn-off, but if the Red Sox eat some of that money, they could net a worthwhile return.

Like O’Neill and Pivetta, these two only get shipped if the Sox are out of contention. There’s not much of a logjam in the Boston bullpen, and both players are integral to any success the team might have this season. However, if one goes, both will go; their respective ages and contract situations make deals logical.

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