5 Immediate Changes That Will Make the Patriots Playoff Contenders

New England can still save its season if it acts fast.

5 changes the Patriots must make ASAP to save their season.
5 changes the Patriots must make ASAP to save their season. / Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Replace Mac Jones

Jones is broken -- perhaps beyond repair -- and at this point the Patriots are better off trying someone new under center rather than trying to fix him midseason.

Zappe could have been the answer, but now he looks broken too. New England's offense needs a spark under center, and that's where Malik Cunningham fits in.

Cunningham may not be the solution to the Patriots' quarterback problem, but he at least deserves a shot. The Patriots tried to turn Jones into the next Brady and it failed, but their best bet to get back on track right now is with a mobile quarterback. Cunningham's scrambling ability negates the team's porous offensive line and dearth of pass-catchers. He was a star at Louisville and could be a mini Lamar Jackson if reaches his ceiling.

Cunningham is a project who may not pan out, but New England will never know what it has in him until it actually uses him in a game. He's never going to develop into a starting-caliber QB just by practicing or sitting on the bench. Give him a chance to learn and grow and who knows? Maybe you catch lightning in a bottle and he suddenly rejuvenates the offense.

When you're already last in the league in scoring, what do you have to lose?