5 Most Likely Bill Belichick Landing Spots for 2024

Only a couple teams are getting much attention in the Bill Belichick sweepstakes, but there are some dark horse squads to keep an eye on too.,
Nov 5, 2023; Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA
Nov 5, 2023; Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA / Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports
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The eulogy for Bill Belichick's time in New England has been all but written.

After a 2-9 start to the season, Belichick's hot seat has turned into a five-alarm fire. Truthfully, a 2-9 record feels like false advertising for how much of a dumpster fire this year's Patriots have been.

Only four seasons removed from a Super Bowl title and two seasons from a playoff berth, Belichick's team has played like a mockery of the franchise that appeared in eight straight AFC title games between 2011 and 2018. Since the departure of franchise icon Tom Brady in 2020, Belichick has accumulated a lowly 27-34 record.

Belichick needs 18 victories to pass Don Shula as the all-time winningest coach, and considering his infatuation with the game's history, Belichick's ability to pass Shula could be a driving force behind his decision on his next landing spot. His desire to hoist the Lombardi Trophy without Tom Brady (after Brady won a title in Tampa Bay without Belichick) could also fuel his decision.

In owner Robert Kraft's eyes, Belichick's historic success in Foxborough has seemingly earned him the right to finish out the season, as Kraft prefers an "elegant solution" over a messy in-season firing. And at their core, the Kraft's are businessmen, therefore will be unlikely to depart with a valuable asset such as Belichick without a return.

"They’re not going to fire Bill Belichick, they’re going to trade Bill Belichick"

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio

If Belichick is to be traded rather than being fired or resigning, this means that the Patriots might retain some leverage in determining where the future Hall of Famer winds up.

Belichick's bust in Canton is already being built, but where will he wind up attempting to pad his Hall of Fame resumé?

5. New York Giants

Amid a tumultuous period in 2018 where explosive reports describing clashes between Belichick, Brady, and Kraft in Foxborough were circulating, Belichick was linked to the Giants. Per Gary Myers, the Belichick to the Giants rumors superseded talk radio hot takes and Belichick actually had an "opportunity" to return to the franchise in 2018, but talks failed to significantly materialize.

Belichick spent 1979-1990 with New York, including a stint as defensive coordinator from 1986-1990 where he collected his first two Super Bowl rings under Bill Parcells before taking his first head coaching job with the Cleveland Browns. He continues to maintain respect for the Giants and the team undoubtedly invokes some nostalgic feelings for him (if Belichick is in fact capable of human feelings).

Giants head coach Brian Daboll is likely to return in 2024, so the only situation where I could envision a Belichick reunion in East Rutherford is if he joins the Giants in a front office role and steps away from the sideline. Daboll spent nine seasons on Belichick's staff in New England, so there may be some overlap philosophically where a head coach-front office relationship could be successful. However, reporting indicates that Belichick would like to continue coaching duties (once again, with his eye on Shula's record), so this scenario is a long shot.

The same report anticipating a Daboll return also anticipates the return of general manager Joe Schoen, so there might simply not be any room for Belichick.

If the door was open, the Giants would have a strong chance to top this list. Unfortunately for Belichick, Daboll and Schoen stand between him and that door. Belichick would likely prefer a situation where he would have free reign over both coaching and personnel decisions.