5 Realistic Patriots Trades at the Deadline

With the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline approaching, the New England Patriots can decide whether to be sellers, or buyers
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At 2-5, the New England Patriots aren't off to the start they expected this season. Having said that, they did just secure a huge win over the Buffalo Bills and in that contest, Mac Jones played very well.

That might give them some hope which means they could wind up being buyers at the NFL Trade Deadline as they look to make a run at the playoffs. Then again, they could decide that this season is a lost cause and look to add draft capital in the future.

Whatever they decide, they will have options ahead of the Oct. 31 deadline and here, we look at five moves they can make — two that would be good for adding future picks and three designed at salvaging the 2023 campaign.

Trade Jalen Mills for draft capital

A former seventh-round pick, Jalen Mills spent the first five seasons of his career with the Philadelphia Eagles where he ended up winning a Super Bowl with them in 2017. He later joined the New England Patriots, the same team he helped defeat in that title game.

He hit free agency ahead of the 2023 campaign but wound up re-signing with the Pats on a one-year deal worth $6.1 million. Despite his versatility, Mills plays both cornerback and safety, he has started just one game this season and has only 12 tackles.

New England might not have him in the plans beyond this season and that means they should attempt to find a suitor ahead of the deadline. He might not net much via trade but adding a day-three pick is better than simply letting him walk in 2024.