5 Realistic Patriots Trades at the Deadline

With the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline approaching, the New England Patriots can decide whether to be sellers, or buyers

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Add WR Jerry Jeduy from the Broncos

For more than a year, the Denver Broncos have been rumored to be shopping Jerry Jeudy but things have taken a turn this season.

Jeudy has come under fire for his play and even had former NFL receiver Steve Smith refer to him as "just a guy." In response to some of the criticism, Jeudy took the worst possible road by practically blaming everyone else for his issues.

“As a receiver, there’s a lot of people you’ve got to depend on,” Jeudy said via Parker Gabriel of the Denver Post. “You can be open, but if the line don’t do their thing or the quarterback don’t do his thing or the (offensive coordinator) don’t put you (in a good spot), it’s a whole lot of stuff that you’ve got to go through as a receiver to be successful. Ya’ll need to go watch the film instead of looking at the stats. Go watch the film and see what it is.”

That could turn a lot of teams off to Jeudy but the Patriots, who are honestly desperate for receiver help, have a history of turning unhappy players into productive ones. Plus, they could actually use Mac Jones in a positive way here.

Jones and Jeudy spent a couple of seasons together in Alabama with Jones leaning on him often in 2019. Perhaps their rapport could help Jeudy reach his potential while also giving Jones someone he already trusts.