5 Things Boston Fans Don't Want to Admit About the Red Sox

Has the legendary franchise lost its way?
5 things Boston fans don't want to admit about the Red Sox.
5 things Boston fans don't want to admit about the Red Sox. / Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Fenway Park is Overrated

That's right, I said it.

Don't get me wrong, I love history and especially Red Sox history, so watching a baseball game at a century-old ballpark is pretty cool.

But when you have to watch multiple games a year there, it gets old (pun intended) pretty fast.

Where do you want me to begin? Half the seats are facing the wrong way and nearly all of them are too small. Many are behind poles, in which case I would gladly face center field than not be able to see anything at all.

The concessions are lame and extremely overpriced, but the options outside the park aren't much better. Getting to and leaving the park is usually a nightmare, and God help you if you decide to drive. Boston weather is miserable, so you're either cold and wet or hot and sweaty depending on which time of the year you go.

I've seen a lot of games at Fenway, more than I can count. I love it, but I also hate it. Every time I go to a different ballpark like Camden Yards or PNC Park I think wow, this is so much better.

The Red Sox like to advertise Fenway as "America's most beloved ballpark." Oldest? Yes. Beloved? Not in my book.