6 High-Priced Free Agents Patriots Should Target With Bill Belichick Gone

Which free agents should the New England Patriots target as they move on from Bill Belichick?
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With Bill Belichick gone, there will be a lot of changes in store for the New England Patriots. They did go with Jerod Mayo as his replacement and while he’s been working under Belichick since 2019, there’s no denying he will come in with his own ideas and schemes.

That could be a breath of fresh air for this franchise that suddenly became stagnant over the past two seasons. Of course, changing the strategy is only part of the battle. New England also needs to retool their roster. With that in mind, here are six high-priced free agents they can target as they look to get back on top of the AFC East.

6. Tyron Smith, OT

Trent Brown is all but gone and even spent the end of the year with one foot out the door. The Pats will need to replace him and they’re likely going to be making a move for a young quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft. That means they’ll need a solid blindside protector and there’s a pending free agent who is among the best in the league: Tyron Smith.

Back in 2011, the Dallas Cowboys added Smith with the ninth overall pick out of USC. He started on the right side but in 2012 moved to the left and has been a stud ever since. The only issue is his durability — or lack thereof. 

Smith hasn’t played a full season since 2015 but he did suit up for 13 games this year as well as the Cowboys lone playoff appearance. Dallas might be ready to move on and that could benefit the Pats. There’s a risk here for sure but the reward is well worth it.