6 Patriots Playing Their Last Game With the Team on Sunday

As the New England Patriots host the Jets on Sunday, these 6 players could be in their final game with the franchise
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This has been far from the season the New England Patriots hoped to have. While they knew 2023 could be tough, they didn't expect to be heading into Week 18 with a record of 4-12. Even if they secure a win over the New York Jets in their finale, this will be the worst finish Bill Belichick has had with the Patriots since his first year, way back in 2000.

Belichick is expected to be gone after the season which will mark a massive change for one of the most stable organizations in the league. In addition to seeing the coach leave, these six players might be done after this Sunday's game.

6. Trent Brown, OT

There was a time when Trent Brown turned his stellar play with the Patriots into a major payday. That wound up being a regrettable decision by the Las Vegas Raiders, who then traded him back to New England.

Brown has returned to form as of late and has made no secret his plans to test the open market. There could be some hesitancy outside of the organization after the way things went in Oakland/Las Vegas but Brown also might not be able to come back.

Reports emerged recently that some teammates were frustrated with him for not playing against Buffalo. They believed he was healthy enough to take the field but decided to look out for himself. Whether or not that's true, the perception is out there, meaning the Patriots might be forced to go in a different direction to avoid any drama in 2024.