6 Patriots Playing Their Last Game With the Team on Sunday

As the New England Patriots host the Jets on Sunday, these 6 players could be in their final game with the franchise
New England Patriots
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2. JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR

There have been some bad contracts handed out throughout the years in the NFL and the one New England agreed to with JuJu Smith-Schuster falls in that category. After he had 933 yards on 78 receptions with the Kansas City Chiefs, where he won a Super Bowl, the Patriots swooped in and landed him for a cool $33 million over three years.

As good as Bill Belichick has been throughout his career at adding talent, he continues to whiff on receivers (other than Randy Moss) and this is another one to add to the list. Smith-Schuster has been a forgotten man with just 29 receptions for 260 yards. He's scored just one touchdown so far and is averaging only 9.0 yards per catch.

Even more frustrating is how hard it will be to get rid of him. Sure, if they can find some team to trade for him after June 1 they would be able to save $8 million. They could even save $5.3 million if someone doesn't want to designate it a post-June 1 move.

But to outright release him would be costly. New England can do it and would save $1 million by designating him a post-June 1 cut but they would still be on the hook for $9.6 million. As bad as that sounds, it's likely going to happen. That's just how poorly Smith-Schuster fits with this team.