8 Dream Patriots Head Coach Targets to Replace Bill Belichick in 2024

If the New England Patriots decide to move on from Bill Belichick here are eight coaches they should consider in 2024
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5. Kellen Moore, Chargers offensive coordinator

If the Patriots are in the market for a younger head coach who could be around for another couple of decades — assuming he does well that is — Kellen Moore could be an option. 

Moore became famous during his exceptional run as the quarterback for Boise State. Even with his success, his smaller stature and lack of arm strength led to him being undrafted. Despite this, he had a decent career as a backup with the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys.

Following the 2017 season, he transitioned from Dak Prescott’s backup to the quarterback coach. He remained in that role for one season before moving to offensive coordinator. Moore had plenty of success, even staying on board when Jason Garrett was fired and Mike McCarthy took over in 2020.

However, the two sides parted ways this year and Moore headed to Los Angeles to take the same position with the Chargers. Things haven’t gone as planned but Moore could wind up in an interim role should Brandon Staley wind up being let go. Even if that doesn’t happen, he’s going to wind up getting a chance at some point. For the Patriots, it would be a huge shift from what they’ve had under Belichick for decades, but sometimes that’s not a bad thing.