8 Dream Patriots Head Coach Targets to Replace Bill Belichick in 2024

If the New England Patriots decide to move on from Bill Belichick here are eight coaches they should consider in 2024
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3. Eric Bieniemy, Commanders offensive coordinator

For several years now, Eric Bieniemy has had his name thrown around for head coaching vacancies but has been unable to secure a job. The main reason seems to be a belief that he's not responsible for the success his team has had in Kansas City.

That thought is understandable since the Chiefs have had several offensive coordinators during Andy Reid's tenure and all have been great in that role. Some have even gotten head coaching jobs including Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy. Understanding he wouldn't get the respect he deserved until he left Reid's shadow, Bieniemy decided to take a position with the Washington Commanders this year.

Through 12 games, the Washington offense has improved upon last season going from 24th in yards to 20th and 20th in points to 14th. That might not sound like much but considering the fact that they have one of the worst defenses in the NFL, and can't get teams off the field, it's actually pretty impressive.

The question now comes down to whether or not this is enough to get him the job he's been after for a while. As for the Pats, if they're going to consider Bieniemy they might have plenty of competition. In fact, he might even be a front-runner to replace Ron Rivera, who seems to already have one foot out the door.