Bill Belichick Pens Touching Patriots Tribute in Boston Globe

Former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick posted a touching tribute to the team and their fans in Sunday's Boston Globe.
HYANNIS 01/12/24 A pop-up tribute to longtime Patriots coach Bill Belichick along Barnstable Rd in
HYANNIS 01/12/24 A pop-up tribute to longtime Patriots coach Bill Belichick along Barnstable Rd in / Steve Heaslip/Cape Cod Times / USA TODAY

Now in February, the New England Patriots are entering the first month in decades without Bill Belichick as their head coach. As Jerod Mayo finalizes his new-look staff for the 2024 season, the post-Belichick reality is starting to really set in.

While fans are excited for the change, some are still sad about the veteran HC's departure. However, it's clear he hasn't forgotten about all the diehards, as evidenced by his gesture in Sunday's Boston Globe.

Belichick took out a full-page ad to thank Patriots fans for their support over the years. He praised New England's ravenous fanbase for being the most "passionate" in North America, showing out in the thousands no matter the elements or if the team was on the road.

The six-time Super Bowl winner also highlighted the area's reactions to each of those titles. He said the "images from those [parade] days are burned in my memory."

Patriots fans could not have asked for a better send-off than this. It's clear Belichick didn't want to officially leave without expressing his feelings about the numerous supporters who have cheered for his teams over the years, and this message gives them their well-deserved spotlight after an incredible run together.

Now fans can move on and focus on giving Mayo all the help he could use in his first year at the helm. Following up a Hall of Famer and multi-time champion in Belichick is an incredibly tough task.

That being said, having the support of the fans even if things don't go particularly well in his first season could make all the difference for his development.

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