Craig Breslow Confirms the Worst With Trevor Story Injury Update

Red Sox fans' fears on Trevor Story were confirmed after Craig Breslow provided a crushing injury update on Tuesday.
Apr 3, 2024; Oakland, California, USA; Boston Red Sox shortstop Trevor Story (10) sits by second
Apr 3, 2024; Oakland, California, USA; Boston Red Sox shortstop Trevor Story (10) sits by second / D. Ross Cameron-USA TODAY Sports

If I told you three weeks ago that the Boston Red Sox would start the season 7-3 before playing a single game at home, you'd have assumed they had been catching some good breaks along the way. But that's really not been the case.

Injuries are already piling up for the Boston Red Sox, and one of the most concerning has been Trevor Story's. Unfortunately, those concerns were well-founded, and Craig Breslow has confirmed the worst on Story.

Red Sox News: Trevor Story Out for Season With Shoulder Injury

Craig Breslow announced on Tuesday afternoon that Trevor Story will undergo surgery and is officially out for the season. The timeline for a return from his surgery is six months, according to Breslow. But even if the Red Sox are still playing in October, don't expect Story to be back in playing shape.

Story's absence means that David Hamilton and Romy Gonzalez are now set to handle shortstop duties full-time.

Hamilton's bat does not look MLB-ready (.162 average in 44 plate appearances, slashed .24/.363/.438 in 103 Triple-A games in 2023), and Gonzalez hit under the Mendoza line (.194/.208/.376 slash) for the Chicago White Sox last year.

With the playoffs suddenly looking like a very real possibility after the Red Sox' hot start, don't expect the duo of Hamilton and Gonzalez to be the plan for much longer. Whether it's a trade of a free-agent acquisition, Boston should be looking for a more secure replacement now that Story's absence is confirmed for the year.

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