Embarrassing New Jaylen Brown Video Emerges Showing Awful Left-Handed Dribble in Training Camp

Did Jaylen Brown work on his left-handed dribble at all this offseason?
New video footage of Jaylen Brown's left-handed dribble is not a good sign for Celtics fans.
New video footage of Jaylen Brown's left-handed dribble is not a good sign for Celtics fans. / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go again. Boston Celtics fans would love to move past the national focus on Jaylen Brown's left-handed dribble being the butt of jokes, but part of why it's so frustrating to hear is because we know there's a nugget of truth to all the jokes.

Jaylen Brown just got a supermax contract, and he needs to make big leaps in his game to justify that price tag. But early indications from training camp are that he has not even come close to fixing his most obvious issue:

I don't want to overreact here. I know it's just a short clip, but come on. You've had a whole offseason. You have all the money in the world to hire the best dribbling coaches around. And this is the result?

It's not like dribbling (especially in the low-stakes environment of a training camp practice) is a mental thing either. This isn't one of those "this guy is shooting 90% on free throws in practice but 50% in games" situations. This is where the dribble should be looking absolutely flawless, even if it isn't quite ready to hold up against a full-speed NBA defense yet.

Is this being hyper-critical of Brown? Of course. He's a great scorer, he dribbles well with his right hand and he's an elite defender. He's a legitimate star. But the size of his contract means he's always going to be looked at through a hyper-critical lens, and for good reason.

Brown's going to be making in the $50-$60 million range for the foreseeable future, and that salary carries with it the expectation that he becomes a player capable of putting this franchise on his shoulders.

And it's not that lacking a left-handed dribble will prevent him from doing that. Lots of star players have holes in their game. But having a clear issue like this that a) he's already aware of and b) can be easily addressed with more time in the gym is a major concern.

I'm going to reserve full judgment until we see Brown forced to his left in some live-game action, but this is not a good start.

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