Ex-Pats QB Adds to Rob Gronkowski-Travis Kelce Debate

A former New England Patriots quarterback has chimed in on the Rob Gronkowski-Travis Kelce debate.
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The Kansas City Chiefs' recent Super Bowl win has added another ring to Travis Kelce's résumé, raising his status as one of the NFL's best-ever tight ends. Of course, New England Patriots legend Rob Gronkowski is the one he's aiming to knock off from the top spot.

Some of Kelce's supporters think he may already be ahead of the future Hall of Famer, but ex-Patriots QB Brian Hoyer recently discussed what sets Gronk apart from the Chiefs' star.

Firstly, Hoyer made a defiant statement on the GOAT debate, saying that honor belongs to Gronk. Not just because of his playmaking, however; Hoyer notes Gronkowski being a "great blocker" is what really makes him an all-time talent.

Hoyer also says "Travis isn’t blocking anybody," while Gronk "would block like he was the right tackle."

""Rob really changed the game in that matter because he was a lineman, who was the premier pass catcher at the same time.”"

Brian Hoyer

Hoyer's comments are important context for this debate, especially as Kelce continues to surpass Gronkowski's receiving records. Gronk was elite at the position during his time as a pass-catcher while bringing an entire other element to the field in the blocking game. Kelce isn't one to earn much praise for his efforts in that aspect.

This debate likely comes down to choosing the all-around great talent versus the best in one key aspect.

Many would prefer the guy who's excellent in every area, but the pass-happy nature of the current NFL would favor Kelce's pure receiving skills. However, it'd be easy to see Gronk being just as strong of a receiver if he was used like Kelce is in today's game.

That, plus Gronkowski's blocking prowess, is what truly separates him from the rest.

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