Former Patriot Accidentally Leaks New Alternate Logo

The New England Patriots may be getting a new logo ahead of the 2024 NFL season.
Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots are going through a transformative offseason, up and down the organization. The decision-makers, the coaching staff, and the roster are all looking completely different with the departure of Bill Belichick.

De facto general manager Eliot Wolf and new head coach Jerod Mayo are making an effort to put their stamps on things, from drafting strategy to free agency approach. Now it looks like they even have their hands in changing the branding of the franchise.

It has already been reported that Mayo changed the slogans inside the Gillette Stadium, putting his own touch on the mantras. It looks like the changes are not going to stop there as an accidental leak over the weekend suggests that there is a new alternate logo for the new season.

New Alternate Patriots Logo May Have Been Revealed

Former Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes visited the team and Gillette Stadium on Friday. There, he not only posted a photo with owner Robert Kraft, but he also took a few photos around the headquarters.

His social media post revealed a new alternate logo that fans hadn't seen before. Even though it is a more modern and sleek design, a lot of Patriots fans were unsure about the new branding.

Patriots fans were long calling for a rebrand. The current logo feels outdated and a new design would be a nice touch to usher in the new post-Belichick era. Whether this alternate logo satisfies that need is another question.

How much the new logo will be used remains to be seen. Perhaps it's only a merchandising move. Regardless of the motivation, we are very curious to see whether it sticks in the long run.

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