How Bill Belichick Still Has Influence on Patriots' Locker Room

The New England Patriots may have moved on from Bill Belichick but the legendary coach still has a ton of influence on the team.
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The New England Patriots ushered in a new era in Foxborough. After over two decades of Bill Belichick, the Patriots have done an extensive reorganization of its staff this offseason.

Even though the 2024 season will be the first Patriots campaign without Belichick in charge, that doesn't mean that the iconic head coach doesn't have sway within the organization.

The fact that his son Brian Belichick is continuing in his role as the safeties coach allows him to be an active voice in the Patriots locker room. In fact, Brian Belichick admitted in his press conference on Wednesday that he still goes to his father for coaching advice.

Bill Belichick Still Has Sway in Patriots Locker Room

This is understandable. Brian Belichick is still a young coach in the very early stages of his coaching career. Bill is the most decorated head coach in NFL history. It would be a shame to lose that access to knowledge entirely.

However, this is a tricky line to walk. Relying on Bill Belichick for "advice" is certainly a good thing. Drawing the line at advice and making sure there is no conflict of interest that could potentially impact decision-making is extremely important.

Having Brian Belichick around is important for the transition to the new era. With Jerod Mayo as a first-time head coach, DeMarcus Covington as a first-time defensive coordinator, and Alex Van Pelt as a new arrival in New England, it's crucial to have some staff who have been there for a long time. Brian Belichick has organizational know-how that could prove to be very valuable for the Patriots as they prepare for a long and slow rebuild.

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