Jacoby Brissett Has Funny Reaction to Tom Brady Un-Retirement Rumors

Tom Brady hinted at a potential comeback earlier this week and the new Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett doesn't like it.
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After the conclusion of the 2022-23 NFL season, Tom Brady announced his retirement from the game, calling it "for good" on social media. Due to the fact that the Patriots legend has previously announced his retirement, only to make his return to Tampa Bay to play for another season, fans maintained a hope for another comeback.

The 46-year-old added further fuel to the fire by leaving the door open earlier this week. He said that if a team called mid-season, he would be open to returning as he is "in good shape" and "can always throw the ball."

This obviously created a ton of excitement among Pats fans who would love to see their legendary quarterback in Foxborough once again.

There is, however, one person in New England who doesn't want that to happen: Jacoby Brissett.

Jacoby Brissett Doesn't Like the Tom Brady Comeback Rumors

The veteran signal-caller signed with the Patriots in the offseason for his second stint with the team. He was previously the backup QB to Tom Brady in New England in his rookie season in 2016, before going to the Colts to become a starter.

This time around, Brissett was signed to be the veteran mentor to the rookie quarterback the Patriots are likely to draft.

Tom Brady had a social media post saying that he would "unretire" if his post got over 50,000 likes. This happened in no time, but Brissett said he would never like the post as Brady coming back would put Brissett's job in jeopardy.

Even if Brady were to come back, whether it will be with the Patriots remains to be seen. He might choose a Super Bowl contender to add more accomplishments to his resume. Also, there is a chance the league wouldn't allow Brady to play since he is currently on track to be a minority owner for the Las Vegas Raiders.

Regardless of what the GOAT decides to do, it will be a storyline to watch, not just for Patriots hopefuls but for NFL fans everywhere.

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