Julian Edelman Shares Incredible Michael Jordan-Patriots Betting Story

Everyone at Super Bowl XLIX faced a ton of pressure, but Julian Edelman may have dealt with more pressure than anyone and it's all because of Michael Jordan.
Former Patriots WR Julian Edelman recently shared an incredible story about running into sports legends Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter ahead of Super Bowl XLIX.
Former Patriots WR Julian Edelman recently shared an incredible story about running into sports legends Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter ahead of Super Bowl XLIX. / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There is no bigger sporting event than the Super Bowl. After four grueling months of regular-season football, the NFL's two best teams duke it out in front of millions of international viewers. Every player in the game faces more pressure than ever before, but few have dealt with the level of pressure that Julian Edelman faced at Super Bowl XLIX.

It wasn't because he played for the New England Patriots. It wasn't because of the tens of millions of people watching. It was because of NBA legend Michael Jordan.

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Edelman appeared on Tuesday's episode of "Game With Names" to share an incredible betting story with host Bert Kresicher. The former Patriots wideout and All-Dynasty Team member described what happened when he ran into Jordan ahead of Super Bowl XLIX.

The story begins innocently as Edelman describes taking his parents to dinner ahead of the big game. It didn't take long for him to realize that there was a celebrity presence at the restaurant as Jordan was dining there with MLB great and long-time Boston Red Sox rival Derek Jeter.

Despite the Boston-New York rivalry, Edelman described Jeter as being "charming" and "welcoming" upon the introduction. That wasn't the case for Jordan, who the ex-Patriot said was "standoffish" and didn't say much.

Well, that was at least the case until the end of the conversation. After Jeter and Edelman were done speaking, Jordan approached the latter and heard the most terrifying words that could be said to any athlete: "Hey kid, I got a bunch of money on you. Don't [expletive] it up."

Apparently, those were the only words that the six-time NBA Champion spoke before leaving.

It's more than understandable why Edelman was shaken up by Jordan's words. After all, the ex-Kent State product was only in his sixth year with the Patriots and had yet to win a Super Bowl. Knowing that the greatest NBA player of all time had money on him was bound to flare up some nerves.

Fortunately, Edelman didn't let the pressure get the better of him once Super Bowl XLIX rolled around. He played a key role in the Patriots' 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks, turning nine catches into a team-high 109 receiving yards and the game-winning touchdown with two minutes remaining.

The victory was just the start of Edelman's success as he went on to win two more championships with the Patriots, including when he was named MVP at Super Bowl LIII. But while three rings are nothing to scoff at, it can be argued that Edelman's biggest win was that he avoided losing Jordan money and incurring the wrath that comes with that.

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