Mac Jones Admits Awful Truth Following Patriots' Week 5 Loss

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones admitted an awful truth following the team's Week 5 blowout loss.
New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones admitted an awful truth following the team's Week 5 blowout loss. / Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots' offense put together another pathetic effort in Week 5. Quarterback Mac Jones was the worst offender on this underwhelming unit once again, throwing an early pick-six that gave New Orleans the lead and continuing to struggle throughout the day.

The Pats faced another big early deficit on Sunday thanks to the offense's slow start. Jones was asked why this has been the case basically all season, and he admitted an awful truth.

The signal-caller said it boils down to "just not being ready to go," which is a concerning statement. After all, the offense practices a gameplan all week that should set the team up for success. Yet, this isn't translating at all to games.

The blame here falls on both the players and coaches. From the on-field standpoint, Jones and others need to step up. There's absolutely no reason they shouldn't be ready to go to battle. Everyone's execution has lacked in the early part of the year, leading to this unit ranking near the bottom in all major categories.

However, Bill Belichick and co. are at fault just as much as anyone else. If the quarterback is saying the offense isn't ready to start games well, that's on the coaches, too. This hints that the gameplan the team is currently trying to run isn't putting them in the best position possible to perform.

Judging by sluggish starts being a season-long issue, there's a clear systemic issue here. Changes obviously need to be made, and Jones' comments indicate pregame preparation is certainly one area that needs tweaking. The Pats' coaches better shake things up fast before they fall even further down the standings.

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