Patriots 2023 Schedule: Predicting the Score of Every Remaining Game

Find out what the Patriots' final record will be in 2023
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Week 13: Chargers @ Patriots - Dec. 3

After 10 games, the Los Angeles Chargers are just 4-6 and don't have a lot of hope for turning things around this year. They already felt as though Brandon Staley was underperforming and that was following a nine-win and 10-win campaign. This year was supposed to be the one where they got over the hump thanks to one major addition.

Kellen Moore, who rose to prominence as the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys, took the same position with L.A. following his departure from Big D. With him orchestrating an offense full of explosive players, Staley was supposed to be able to focus more on the defense and finally be able to contend with the Chiefs.

Unless they find a way to win five or six of their remaining games, this season will be a huge letdown for them. Unfortunately for the Patriots, they're likely to get one of those victories in Week 13. New England doesn't have the firepower to stick with this offense and when they try to force plays to catch up, it will only make matters worse. This one gets away from them and the drama will be right front and center once again.

Score Prediction: Chargers 31, Patriots 14
Record: 3-9