Patriots Rejected By Potential GM Candidate

The Patriots have reportedly begun the search for their next football executive after Eliot Wolf took over the GM duties for Bill Belichick.
Jan 17, 2024; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft addresses media
Jan 17, 2024; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft addresses media / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots have had a busy offseason since January when they parted ways with Bill Belichick and turned over the head coaching job to Jerod Mayo.

The Patriots’ front office saw a little shake-up with Belichick out the door, as Eliot Wolf took over the general manager duties, helping the organization in free agency and the 2024 NFL Draft.

Speaking of the general manager role, Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports reported on Monday that New England is “moving forward with a search for their next football executive, a role that would amount to what’s typically known in the NFL as a general manager.”

The Pats began their search by requesting an interview with a senior personnel executive from another organization, which didn’t go as planned.

Patriots News: Bengals Senior Personnel Executive Declines Interview

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported on Monday that Cincinnati Bengals senior personnel executive Trey Brown declined a request to interview for the Patriots de facto general manager position.

It doesn’t come as a shock to see Brown declining to interview with the Patriots, especially with Wolf running the show for the last few months. 

Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston reported Monday that Wolf is the “overwhelming favorite” to earn the top executive title.

"My understanding is this is an actual formality," Perry said (h/t Justin Leger of NBC Sports Boston). "There is a formal process that the Patriots have to go through to elevate Eliot Wolf to be their primary football executive. I don't believe the title he'll get eventually is general manager. That's not a title that the Krafts have handed out since they've owned the team.

"But the expectation -- in league circles and people I've spoken to just in the last few hours -- is that Eliot Wolf will get the job. I would be stunned if he doesn't get the job.”

Nonetheless, do not be surprised if this is a fairly quick process as the Patriots solidify Wolf’s role inside the organization.

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