Projecting Where the Red Sox' Top 4 Free Agents Will Sign This Offseason

If they don't come back to Boston, where will they end up?
Projecting where the Boston Red Sox' top 4 free agents will sign this offseason.
Projecting where the Boston Red Sox' top 4 free agents will sign this offseason. / Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports
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The MLB offseason is officially here and free agency is underway, which means players are going to start signing with new teams soon.

While not as many as last year, the Boston Red Sox have a handful of key players heading to free agency this winter. Given that new Chief Baseball Officer Craig Breslow didn't sign any of them, there's a pretty good chance that all of them sign elsewhere.

Where will they end up? Let's take a stab at guessing where the Red Sox's four biggest free agents will sign.

1. Adam Duvall: Cleveland Guardians

Adam Duvall's 2023 season was an absolute rollercoaster. He had several stretches where he was scorching hot and carried the team for weeks. He also ended the season in a massive slump and missed nearly half the season with injuries.

But that's just the Duvall experience in a nutshell, and Boston saw it first-hand in 2023. Given the team's glut of outfielders and DH types, it's hard to imagine them bringing him back for 2024.

Guessing where he'll end up is tricky because many teams could use an affordable right-handed power bat like him, but the Cleveland Guardians make the most sense for a couple of reasons.

For starters, he'll be in their price range thanks to his age (35) and injury history. Duvall signed a one-year, $7 million deal for 2023 and probably gets a similar one for 2024, maybe a bit higher at $10 million.

That's perfect for the low-budget Guardians. But more importantly, they're in desperate need of power. Their outfielders hit just 16 home runs combined last year, and the team ranked dead last in the American League in homers. Duvall hit 21 bombs by himself in just 92 games, indicating that he still has 30-homer pop if he can stay healthy for a full season.

Cleveland needs a player like Duvall and will likely make a strong push to sign him.