Proposed Patriots Trade Would Get Bill Belichick Fired

This would be the final straw for Bill Belichick in New England. No amount of past success would excuse it...
Bill Belichick can not afford to make a mistake by pulling off this proposed Patriots trade.
Bill Belichick can not afford to make a mistake by pulling off this proposed Patriots trade. / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Something needs to happen with the New England Patriots right now. The team is 1-3 and coming off a totally brutal loss. They're big underdogs to make the playoffs, but also don't have a "rebuild" type roster right now.

So it makes sense to want the Pats to make a splash one way or another.

Kirk Cousins Trade Proposal Would Destroy Patriots

That's what was proposed for the Patriots in a recent Bleacher Report article projecting high-profile NFL trades, but the move in here would get Bill Belichick fired.

"Vikings receive: 2024 second-round pick, 2025 fourth-round pick

Patriots receive: QB Kirk Cousins"

You can see on the surface why a deal might make sense. Mac Jones isn't the answer at quarterback, and Kirk Cousins is a solid if sometimes underrated NFL quarterback. He'd be a very interesting fit in the offense.

But looking a little deeper it's clear how much of a disaster this move would be.

This team is more than a Kirk Cousins away from being a legitimate contender. If we traded for Cousins, are the Patriots even favorites to make the playoffs? It's hard to believe that would be the case.

If things went really well, we might be looking at a playoff berth with maybe the upside to win a Wild Card Round game?

And the floor is just as concerning. We'd almost be guaranteed to be a more dangerous offense with Cousins than with Jones. But not by enough.

So Cousins wins us a few more games than Jones would. Great, now the Patriots finish with something like 8 wins, and their first-round draft pick is in the double-digits.

And then Cousins' contract is up, since he's on the final year of his deal.

That leaves the Patriots with no Mac Jones. No Kirk Cousins. No top-10 draft pick to spend on a potential franchise quarterback of the future.

That's a disaster for both head coach Bill Belichick and GM Bill Belichick, and that could very well be the move that would end his legendary tenure in New England.

Thankfully, that move would be massively out of character. Belichick has always been focused on the future with his roster building. He's almost extreme in his refusal to go all-in on the short term, often to Patriots fans' frustration.

A move like this would go against everything Bill has shown us, and everything he seems to believe in when it comes to roster building.

Let's go ahead and hope this "shocking proposal" remains pure internet speculation and never works its way into a real conversation.

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