Re-Grading the Patriots' 2023 Draft Class After Rookie Seasons

How did New England's rookies perform last year? Here's a look at how the Patriots' 2023 draft class is re-graded following Year 1.
Re-grading the Patriots' 2023 draft class.
Re-grading the Patriots' 2023 draft class. / Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports
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LB Marte Mapu (3, Pick 76): C-

If you don't remember seeing much of Marte Mapu during the 2023 campaign, you likely weren't the only one. The former Sacramento State linebacker barely saw any playing time in Year 1, only lining up for 18% of offensive snaps (204 total).

On one hand, Mapu did produce some results. He finished with 12 solo tackles while suiting up in all 17 games, even adding an interception, a forced fumble, and one broken-up pass. He also played 42 snaps as a cornerback and another 60 as a free safety, highlighting his versatility.

But even then, Mapu didn't exactly do anything well enough to warrant more playing time. He might be one of those players who takes a few years to develop before we properly grade him. But for now, he seems like an average player at best. Hopefully, he can find a way to take his game to the next level going forward.

C Jake Andrews (4, Pick 107): D

It's safe to say that Jake Andrews was a massive non-factor throughout the 2023 NFL season. The ex-Troy product only saw 120 total snaps across 16 games with one start, playing only 70 of those opportunities on offense.

Andrews failed to make the most of his limited playing time, surrendering four pressures on 47 passing downs. The result of his Swiss cheese-esque blocking was an abysmal 34.2 pass-block grade from PFF. It's a small sample size, but that doesn't mean Patriots fans feel confident about his outlook.

Considering how draft experts projected him to be a sixth-round pick, it's evident that the Patriots' reach to grab Andrews isn't looking promising. Unless he figures out how to become an everyday contributor one day, it's tough to like this pick.