3 Reasons Why Mac Jones Should Be Benched in Week 6

Three reasons New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones should be benched in Week 6.
Three reasons New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones should be benched in Week 6. / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
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3. To Send the Whole Team a Message

Having a QB who's not pulling his weight doesn't just impact the offense, but the entire team.

When the quarterback can't lead his unit on actual drives, that puts the defense on the field for more than it should be. That causes the other side of the ball to get gassed, and even a talented unit will ultimately go on to make mistakes, which is exactly what's happened to New England.

Jones can't put together multiple drives, and he's gifting opponents points with stupid mistakes. Having that kind of pure liability at the sport's most important position might be hard for his teammates to deal with. After all, Jones is supposed to be a leader as a QB, not a deterrent to winning football.

Belichick is at legitimate risk of losing the locker room if he continues to trot Jones out. There's no logical reason to keep running it back with him when he's playing like this. Putting him on the bench for his play sends the rest of the team a message that underperformers won't be tolerated.

Otherwise, we could see players start to check out. If the biggest culprit goes unpunished, that sets the stage for even more people start to slack on the job.

Belichick can't afford that with his team 1-4 and his seat starting to look incredibly warm. Benching Jones is the least he can do to make sure a locker room mutiny doesn't break out.

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