Red Sox Finally Settle on Chaim Bloom Replacement After Painful Search

Someone actually said yes!
The Boston Red Sox have finally found Chaim Bloom's replacement after an extensive search.
The Boston Red Sox have finally found Chaim Bloom's replacement after an extensive search. / Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

After a month of searching for Chaim Bloom's replacement, it looks like the Boston Red Sox have finally found their man.

And somewhat surprisingly, he's basically another Chaim Bloom.

Red Sox GM News

Alex Speier of The Boston Globe reported on Tuesday evening that "multiple sources" believe the Red Sox have offered Craig Breslow the role of leading Boston's baseball operations department, and he is expected to accept. This apparently confirms Speier's report from earlier in the day that Breslow was believed to be the frontrunner for Bloom's vacant GM role.

On the one hand, this is exciting news for the Red Sox. They finally have a new head of baseball ops, and not a moment too soon. Now they can really start getting to work on what will be a pivotal offseason coming off their second straight last-place finish.

On the other hand, there's a good element of risk involved with this hire. Breslow was working for the Chicago Cubs as their assistant GM before interviewing for Boston's opening, and he has never run a baseball operations department before. That was essentially Bloom's background with the Tampa Bay Rays before the Red Sox hired him, and we all saw how that turned out.

It's also concerning that Breslow wasn't anywhere close to ownership's first choice. The team reached out to roughly a dozen other executives before Breslow, most of whom declined to even interview for the role.

On the plus side, at least Breslow understands the Boston market after spending parts of five seasons with the Red Sox. He also has experience working for a big market team in the Cubs, whereas Bloom came from the small-market Rays and often acted accordingly. As a former player, he should also have a more harmonious relationship with manager Alex Cora, who often clashed with Bloom.

Hopefully Breslow will be more aggressive and decisive than Bloom, who missed out on numerous free agents and trade opportunities due to his cautious approach. Boston needs someone bold to get the team back into contention, so hopefully Breslow is up to the challenge.

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