Red Sox Insider Names 9 Prospects on Offseason Trading Block

A Boston Red Sox insider has named nine prospects who could be potentially traded this offseason.
A Boston Red Sox insider has named nine prospects who could be potentially traded this offseason. / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Red Sox have a lot of work to do this offseason after finishing in the basement of the AL East. It's obvious that this club is missing pure talent, so adding some truly impactful players this winter is a necessity.

One way to give this roster a boost is to sell off some top prospects in exchange for veterans who can immediately contribute. In fact, the Athletic's Jen McCaffrey thinks exactly that could happen this offseason.

In a wide-ranging mailbag, McCaffrey discussed trades multiple times. Aside from the Alex Verdugo vs. Jarren Duran debate, the Red Sox beat writer addressed which farm system members could be used as trade bait to improve for 2024.

McCaffrey listed seven prospects as "on the table": Nick Yorke, Miguel Bleis, Luis Perales, Wikelman Gonzales, Brainer Bonaci, Nathan Hickey and Chase Meidroth. She also mentioned Ceddanne Rafaela and Wilyer Abreu as possibly being on the chopping block since "they’re [not] untouchable."

These are some huge names mentioned. Rafaela is the No. 3-ranked prospect in Bostom's farm system, while Bleis and Yorke are right behind him at Nos. 5 and 6.

With so many of the Red Sox's highly regarded youngsters believed to be up for grabs, that shows the club may be aggressive heading into 2024. It doesn't guarantee any will be dealt, but the fact there's a chance means Boston will be ready to strike if any player they think can help becomes available.

It's great to hear the Red Sox are leaving no stone unturned this offseason when it comes to roster improvements. This club wasn't that far away from the postseason in 2023, so a couple of impact additions could be all they need to compete for a top stop in the AL East again.

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