Red Sox Rejected By Multiple Chaim Bloom Replacement Options

The Red Sox are struggling to find a suitable replacement for Chaim Bloom, with potential candidates expressing reluctance to join due to perceived instability and an unwelcoming front office environment. The team's standing and competitiveness are increasingly at risk.

Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Worrying news just keeps piling in on the Red Sox this week. It's not only players who are hesitant to take jobs in the Red Sox organization, but executives too.

Replacing Chaim Bloom is priority number one this offseason, and that is off to a terrible start.

Reports from Sean McAdam on MassLive are that the Red Sox have already been "met with a number of rejections by some targeted candidates as they seek to find a replacement for Chaim Bloom, fired in September."

This hurts.

The Red Sox have one of the richest histories in baseball, and have long been one of the most prestigious organizations in the majors. Boston is a place where people want to play, coach and manage. That's part of what helps the Sox field contending rosters with such consistency despite not having one of those ridiculous Yankee-sized payrolls.

But the times they are a-changin',

McAdam reports that "some of those prospective hires have been put off by the level of turnover that’s taken place in the Baseball Operations department over the last dozen years or so." He adds that whoever takes the job will be the fifth person in that role since just 2011. That's not exactly promising for job security.

But it's not just the people who have been thrown out of Boston that give pause. It's also who is still there.

Some of the longstanding members of the front office, those who have been around for "more than two decades" are deterring candidates, as is the idea of being forced to stick with Alex Cora for at least one season.

This is quickly becoming a potential disaster. There are still good options who will consider the Red Sox, for sure, but being rejected by top candidates before they even reach the interview stage is a rough look.

Red Sox ownership needs to right this ship immediately, because every new failed move is creating more and more negative momentum, making this a tougher and tougher hole to climb out of.

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