Some Agents Complaining About Patriots’ FA Tactics

The New England Patriots' tactics in free agency are reportedly rubbing players and agents the wrong way.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots entered the free agency period with the most cap space available in the NFL with over $100 million to spend for the 2024 campaign. With over 24 hours having passed since the negotiating period began, they still have the most cap space out of any team in the league.

Even though this can be seen as the new de facto general manager Eliot Wolf being financially savvy, it is reportedly rubbing free agent representatives the wrong way.

According to the Boston Herald's reporting, agents don't appreciate Wolf "playing hardball" in negotiations so far.

Patriots GM Eliot Wolf Playing Hardball in Free Agency Negotiations

The reporting notes that these complaints generally come from lower-level representatives. There is an obvious risk associated with potentially being categorized as a difficult organization to do business with. Having a good relationship with representatives is key to getting them to want their players to play for your team.

It is still way too early in Wolf's tenure to tell whether this is a potential problem. Wolf is a very well-respected front-office figure around the league, but this is his first offseason as the lead decision-maker of an organization.

It is undoubtedly better for Patriots fans to have a general manager unwilling to break the bank and give out bad, long-term contracts in the first year of a rebuild. But how the perception of Wolf will impact the Patriots' stature in the NFL remains to be seen.

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