Top Patriots Free Agent Makes Cryptic Tweet Ahead of Contract Talks

New England Patriots have to do everything in their power to retain Mike Onwenu, who is putting up confusing social media posts.
Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots are currently focused on filling their coaching staff and finding their next franchise quarterback to lead them back to the promised land in the post-Bill Belichick era. This rebuild is going to be long and challenging. This offseason is going to play a crucial role in finding the right personnel and building the right roster for the future.

Some of the most important decisions of the offseason will come during free agency. With 26 impending free agents, the Patriots will have to make plenty of tough calls on who to retain and who to let walk.

One of those decisions will be about offensive lineman Michael Onwenu. The 26-year-old has played both guard and right tackle in his Patriots tenure and is perhaps the most significant free agent for New England this offseason.

As one of the best tackles on the market in this free agency period, Onwenu could garner plenty of interest from other teams. He had previously said he wanted to stay in New England but his latest post on social media didn't necessarily provide much of an update on the situation.

Patriots Free Agent Mike Onwenu Posts Cryptic Tweet

As one of the best players in his position, Onwenu is as close to a must-retain as it gets for the Patriots. Considering that Trent Brown is likely on his way out, letting Onwenu go would be a huge loss for New England.

With his versatility to work on both the inside and out and his excellent blocking ability, Onwenu will be critical in the development of the Patriots' new quarterback. So Patriots fans better hope that this cryptic tweet isn't actually about his free agency.

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