Trent Brown Breaks Silence on Negative Reports About His Behavior

The New England Patriots' Trent Brown voiced his frustration over constant negative reporting and criticized the franchise.
Dec 12, 2022; Glendale, Arizona, USA; New England Patriots offensive tackle Trent Brown (77) against
Dec 12, 2022; Glendale, Arizona, USA; New England Patriots offensive tackle Trent Brown (77) against / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots had a disastrous 2023 season, finishing with their worst record since 1992. Not much went right all year, especially on the offensive end, as the team finished second-to-last in points.

One of the players that received constant during this campaign was offensive tackle Trent Brown. The Pro Bowl and Super Bowl winner had his effort level questioned throughout the year.

Now that the season finally concluded, the outspoken Brown addressed everything that went wrong for the Patriots, in an interview with Dakota Randall of NESN.

Patriots' Trent Brown Comments on Locker Room Reports

Brown was criticized for his failure to battle through injuries, lacking motivation, and not putting in maximum effort while the team was struggling. He was justifiably unhappy about it in his remarks.

"“This has been a year like no other that I’ve had in my NFL career as far as the amount of anonymous sources that have come forward to spew complete lies about my character. It’s been tough to even go in the building every day knowing that there’s somebody that I probably look at every day, or smiles in my face every day, that is running a smear campaign.”"

Trent Brown, New England Patriots

He went onto deny several leaks and reports about his behavior, most notably the accusation that he wasn't willing to play through injuries. Brown pointed to the game against the Buffalo Bills where he came back for the game-winning drive and the Miami Dolphins matchup where he played every snap despite the fact that he could barely walk after the game.

Brown voiced his frustrations throughout the interview about the idea that he was trying to avoid injuries for a big pay day in the offseason, or to earn usage-rate incentives. He ended up missing out on the incentives anyways, when he fell out of the rotation towards the end of the season. He was even inactive against the Buffalo Bills at the end of the year, his first healthy scratch of his career.

Even those reports were a lie, according to Brown. In fact, he claims he has been sick after developing bronchitis in Denver in their game against the Broncos, making him unavailable for the final stretch.

Brown didn't hold back from criticizing the decisions made by the organization.

"“You’ve got to spend some money to get good players, and you’ve got to spend money to keep your good players in-house. And once they’re in-house, you’ve got to treat them with some respect and common decency as a human being.”"

Trent Brown, New England Patriots

This could be the nail in the coffin for Brown's future with the Patriots. He is a free agent now and he seems to have both feet out the door.

When he is fully motivated, Brown can still be one of the best players of his position. However, the relationship between him and the Patriots seems unsalvageable.

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