What Rafael Devers' New Agent Deal Could Mean for the Red Sox

Devers signing with a more forward-thinking agency could lend a hand to the Red Sox when it comes to future negotiations.
Jul 2, 2023; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Boston Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers (11) stands at third
Jul 2, 2023; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Boston Red Sox third baseman Rafael Devers (11) stands at third / Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the beginning of the 2023 season, the Boston Red Sox signed star third baseman Rafael Devers to a 10-year contract extension, beginning in 2024, worth $313.5 million. This was a big move for the Red Sox that signaled they plan to build around Devers and compete for championships in the upcoming decade.

Part of the contract negotiations included deferments. These deferments are not quite as drastic as the ones Shohei Ohtani will be receiving with the Los Angeles Dodgers, but they still matter. Starting at the conclusion of the 2033 season, the Red Sox are slated to pay Devers $7.5 million per year through 2043.

So, why is all this coming back up a year after the fact? This is because Devers just found himself a new agent.

Here's why Rafael Devers signing with Klutch Sports could matter

As you can see above from insider Jeff Passan, Klutch Sports is an agency run by Rich Paul, whose clients include LeBron James and Jalen Hurts. The agency is now diving into the baseball scene and has worked out an agreement with Devers to represent him.

This all matters because if you look at the structures of these contracts, they make sure the player is taken care of long-term while making sure the team has flexibility to compete. The forementioned Ohtani is not represented by Klutch Sports, but you'll never see a contract with more plus side for both parties.

This move probably does not have anything to do with the Red Sox at the end of the day. But, this move could impact the Red Sox greatly if they are planning for the future. After what we just saw happen in Los Angeles, they could negotiate with Devers and Klutch Sports to potentially move some more money into deferment in order to free up room to sign more talent.

Anyone who follows the Red Sox knows more is needed - desperately.

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