Celtics: Projecting Brad Stevens’ Starting Five and Rotation

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Sep 25, 2015; Waltham, MA, USA; Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens during media day at the Boston Celtic Practice Facility. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

With a record of 40-42, the Boston Celtics squeezed into the NBA Playoffs ahead of schedule last season, landing the seventh seed in the Eastern Conference. Head coach Brad Stevens is one of the brightest minds in the entire league, and he has done a great job of putting the Celtics in a position to succeed.

To be serious NBA title contenders, the Celtics are probably going to have to find some more star power. That being said, Stevens, President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge and the rest of the Celtics’ front office has put together an impressive overall roster that is filled with incredible depth throughout all positions.

There are not any LeBron James or Stephen Curry caliber of talents on this roster, but there is not a team in the NBA who can go as deep with quality as the Celtics. Simply put, Stevens has a mess of players to get involved, and it will be up to him to determine who is best for the team to contribute.

Stevens is arguably the best person in the NBA to figure out who to get on the court and when with this roster. The Celtics are an extremely deep team, and Stevens will have many options to go to throughout each and every game. That can be an issue for some NBA team’s, but with Stevens leading the charge, I think the Celtics’ depth is a great asset.

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Stevens will undoubtedly mix and match his line-ups based on match-ups against opposing teams, making this practice relatively difficult to pull off. That being said, I am going to do my best to predict what Stevens’ starting line-up will be a majority of the time. I will also be looking at how Stevens will use his talented bench players to fill out their entire rotations.

Here are the starting five and rotation predictions for the 2015-2016 Boston Celtics.

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