Boston Red Sox: David Ortiz Does Not Deserve Farewell Tour


Boston Red Sox designated hitter and beloved star David Ortiz announced on Wednesday that he will play one more season before retiring, and a farewell tour in 2016 is sure to follow. However, Ortiz should not be celebrated in that way.

From the clutch home run off of former Los Angeles Angels pitcher Jarrod Washburn in the 2004 ALDS that helped the Boston Red Sox clinch the series, to the game tying grand slam off of former Detroit Tigers pitcher Joaquin Benoit in the 2013 ALCS, that is only a small share for what Ortiz has done for Boston.

Having been a big contribution to help the Red Sox win the 2004 World Series and ending The Curse of The Bambino that had haunted the Red Sox for 86 years, it is fair to say that Ortiz will be missed once done by Red Sox Nation.

Going back to Derek Jeter‘s farewell tour in 2014, Ortiz stated he did not plan to go on a Farewell Tour once he felt his time was up.

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Jeter’s farewell tour was rightfully deserved. As a Red Sox fan, you despised Jeter based upon the fact that Jeter would always be a tough player to go up against, as he posted a .290 average, 26 home runs, 137 RBI in 281 regular season games against the Red Sox. Jeter was not only a big icon for the New York Yankees, but he was an icon and role model for the MLB by his humbleness and class while putting up Hall of Fame numbers.

Sure Ortiz stated he did not want a Farewell Tour but he deserves one anyway though, right?

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Not exactly…

One word makes the biggest difference of them all…steroids. In 2009, Ortiz along with teammate Manny Ramirez tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003. Ironically before the report that he tested positive for steroids, Ortiz mentioned that he wanted players who tested positive for steroids to banned for one year instead of the standard 50 game suspension. 

Along with the word steroids, it brings in another similar word, distraction.

Go back in your mind and think, has Derek Jeter ever been a distraction in his 20 years in the MLB besides his romantic interactions? Steroids never clouded over his name and Jeter set a strong example of letting play do the talking, not his mouth.

Besides steroids, Ortiz has had his fair share of enemies along the way with former relief pitcher Kevin Gregg and star pitcher David Price.

Going on with Ortiz displaying his dislike of Spring Training along with his frustrating contract debacles, it goes as distractions though not directly tied into steroids.

Am I expecting Ortiz to be the same player and have the same personality as Jeter? No way! Jeter is by no means a perfect human being. However, Jeter has brought little to no baggage to his career while Ortiz brings in too much that not only hinders his worthiness of a Farewell Tour, but also his Hall of Fame status.

Ortiz has defended himself numerous times of taking performance-enhancing drugs and no matter how many times he defends himself, it will always haunt him and his reputation around the MLB.

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I acknowledged Ortiz’s impact in Boston and that even though steroids cloud over his career, it does not erase or shadow his impact with the Red Sox.

Ortiz will surely be missed by Red Sox Nation, and I am not foolish, Ortiz will undoubtedly get a similar Farewell Tour, but getting one and deserving one is what makes the difference from Jeter’s.