Patriots Lost Game Themselves, Not on the Referees


The excuses are getting tired. This loss to the Eagles is squarely on the Patriots.

While the Patriots dislike of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell continues, we can also add NFL Official Peter Morelli to the list of people Patriots’ fans despise.

The Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night 35-28 falling short of a late comeback. Some Patriots fans left Gillette Stadium early while some quickly put this game to bed once Tom Brady threw his 2nd interception.

After the Patriots recovered Eagles Running Back Kenjon Barner‘s fumble, Brady was given one minute to do his magic. Coming up short with four consecutive dropped passes, blame quickly shifted to the referees and not the Patriots play.

As some may say, “Well yeah Tim the referees did blow it, check out this false start on Eagles on 3rd and 11 that was never called.”

Sure, they missed a crucial false start I do not deny that. However, blaming the referees for losses is getting old.

Once it was announced that Peter Morelli’s Crew was demoted from the Steelers vs. Colts Sunday Night Football game to the Eagles vs. Patriots game, chaos started due to Morelli’s crew performance during the Patriots loss to the Broncos last week.

The Eagles were penalized eight times for 97 yards while the Patriots were penalized three times for 30 yards. To say the Patriots loss due to poor officiating is unreasonable, but also a poor excuse. Just face the truth, Patriots lost this game due to poor play themselves.

If there is one thing that we need to learn to accept, it is that officiating will always be a constant issue and there is no other way around it. Referees will make poor calls, miss calls, but even at times make the right call. As frustrating as it is, inconsistent officiating is part of the game and always will be.

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While NFL officiating has been a problem throughout the season, the big question is how does the NFL approach this problem, but also how can it be improved? Your guess is as good as mine.

With Brady’s two critical interceptions, dropped passes, offensive line acting as turnstiles and special team issues, it cost the Patriots the game big time without a doubt.

Blame referees or injuries all you like. In the end, it can’t always be the problem for the Patriots. Excuses are getting old, Patriots have issues that need to be worked on as I mentioned and fans need to accept that.

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The Patriots and fans are going through hell with back to back losses. However as Winston Churchill said, “If you’re going through hell, keep on going.” I still have faith that the Patriots will get back on track in no time.