Boston Celtics Rumors: This Team Does Not Need Carmelo Anthony

The Boston Celtics are rumored as a possible destination for disgruntled New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony.

Disgruntled NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony might be close to ending his marriage with the New York Knicks.  Guess which team is rumored as a suitable destination for the aging scorer?  That’s right, the Boston Celtics.

While Anthony is no Kevin Durant at this point in his career, he would give the Celtics a big time wing scorer and could be a nice complement to both Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford.  But does Danny Ainge and the Celtics really want an aging superstar?  Hopefully their sight is set on a younger star who will be around for awhile and one who is not already set in his ways.

The reason why this rumor has even gained traction is due to the recent meeting between Knicks president Phil Jackson and Anthony on Tuesday.  According to reports, Anthony told Jackson that he wants to remain with the team, but the fact that they had a meeting means that there are inklings about moving on from Anthony with the team plummeting out of the Eastern Conference playoff hunt.

Of course, the Boston Celtics would have the best assets to acquire Anthony.  Don’t worry, they wouldn’t even have to give up the rights to the Brooklyn Nets’ 2017 pick.

New York Post’s Marc Berman writes:

“According to a source, it’s doubtful Boston would give up any of its (Brooklyn) Nets’ first-rounders, but they can add their own less-desirable 2018 first-round pick, (Jae) Crowder and expiring deals of Amir Johnson ($12 million) and Jonas Jerebko ($5 million).  Knicks owner James Dolan probably would have to add a $3 million sweetener.

“Boston would take a flier, but they aren’t going to give up what the Knicks want,” one NBA GM said according to Berman. “The reality is no one will. A large percentage of teams won’t take him.”

While a possible deal would benefit the Knicks as an organization, Boston is not likely a desired destination for Anthony, who does have a no-trade clause.  If he is to move on from New York, it would be to either play with LeBron James in Cleveland or to play for the Clippers or Lakers.

Let’s hope this stays as just a rumor because overall, the Boston Celtics do not need Carmelo Anthony.  They do need a scorer and a third superstar player, but they need one who will fit in with the team and put the team first.  At his age, Melo may be willing to do whatever it takes to win, but personally, I don’t see him changing his game or attitude for a young coach like Brad Stevens.

Also, giving up a player like Jae Crowder for Anthony is also not appealing.  The Celtics need to stay patient and wait for the right deal and not make a trade just to make a trade.  Carmelo Anthony could send this team backwards instead of making them a championship contender…this year.