Boston Celtics Predictions: Team Will Land Star This Summer

After waiting it out, the Boston Celtics will land their star player this summer.

It’s going to happen.  Guys, I can feel it and there is no way around it.  The Boston Celtics are landing themselves a star this summer.  I think this team will try like hell to hold onto Jaylen Brown, because he’s been so good.  But we’re going to be writing all sorts of articles in June/July about this shiny new acquisition.

Whether it’s Gordon Hayward, Jimmy Butler, or some dark horse.  This team is getting its star, and they’ll do it without giving up too much.  I mean think about it, Danny Ainge has all the leverage in any situation.  You’re a free agent?  Take a look at our great ownership and stellar coach.  You want to trade?  Here’s my draft pick that’s in the top four of a loaded draft.  Young assets, cheap contracts.

Also, think we’ve forgotten now that the cap has skyrocketed, that the contracts Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder signed are nothing.

Those Paul George talks will get revisited.

However, it seems like George wants to head to the Los Angeles Lakers.  It’s a total bummer for us fans in green, but I think if you get George on a winning team, the Lakers won’t matter as much to him.  It was super clear that the additions the Toronto Raptors made over the break are going to be big.  I think the only way the Celtics can truly beat these guys in a seven game series is if Boston has home court.

Also, during the Celtics broadcast on CSNNE on Friday night, Celtics announcer Mike Gorman gave out the stat that in the last nine games in Toronto, the C’s are 1-8.  That’s awful, like it gives me zero hope come playoff time.

If you watched that game, you’d  see IT was swarmed with defenders.  Without a second star, the C’s offense became very stagnant and messy.

It’s going to happen guys, gear up for an interesting summer.