The complete Boston Celtics history in NBA Playoffs Game 7’s

The Boston Celtics failed to close out their series with the Washington Wizards in Game 6, and now they’ll faceoff in Game 7 on Monday.

Over their history the Boston Celtics are 20-8 in Game 7’s in the NBA Playoffs. They’ll be looking to add win 21 in the category on Monday. The Celtics and Wizards played a phenomenal Game 6 that ended with a heartbreaking 92-91 loss for Boston. They’ll have to move on quickly to come out strong for Game 7.

We’ll take a look at how the Celtics have fared in these situations in the past, though past results mean nothing come game time.

Here are the results from every Game 7 Boston has ever played, beginning with an NBA Finals matchup way back in 1957.

1957 NBA Finals: W vs. Hawks

1959 Division Finals: W vs. Nationals

1960 NBA Finals: W vs. Hawks

1962: Division Finals: W vs. Warriors

1962 NBA Finals: W vs. Lakers

1963 Division Finals: W vs. Royals

1965 Division Finals: W vs. 76ers

1966 NBA Finals: W vs. Lakers

1968 Division Finals: W vs. 76ers

1969 NBA Finals: W vs. Lakers

1973 Conference Finals: L vs. Knicks

1974 NBA Finals: W vs. Bucks

1977 Conference Semifinals: L vs. 76ers

1981 Conference Finals: W vs. 76ers

1982 Conference Finals: L vs. 76ers

1984 Conference Semifinals: W vs. Knicks

1987 Conference Semifinals: W vs. Bucks

1987 Conference Finals: W vs. Pistons

1988 Conference Semifinals: W vs. Hawks

1992 Conference Semifinals: L vs. Cavaliers

2005 First Round: L vs. Pacers

2008 First Round: W vs. Hawks

2008 Conference Semifinals: W vs. Cavaliers

2009 First Round: W vs. Bulls

2009 Conference Semifinals: L vs. Magic

2010 NBA Finals: L vs. Lakers

2012 Conference Semifinals: W vs. 76ers

2012 Conference Finals: L vs. Heat

Boston clearly has a solid track record in these games, but that won’t matter this year. It’s an entirely different team than the one that lost to the Heat in 2012. Back then it was Big 3 vs. Big 3. Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen were all in Celtics uniforms as they took on LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The Celtics fell into an 0-2 hole but battled back to gain a 3-2 series lead. They failed to close out the series and were dominated in Game 6 and Game 7.

Now, Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley and co. are looking to write a new chapter in the Celtics history books against the Wizards. The winner will face LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Cavs completed a sweep of the Toronto Raptors earlier this week.


Game 7 will be played at 8 PM EST at TD Garden on Monday night.